Some of our patients wrote personal testimonials. You can use these words for your own personal encouragement and recovery.

“I just had my 3rd arrest and was recently married. This program helped me get my life back. I am managing a furniture store and have recently started my own business”.

Grateful recovering addict
“I was finding myself frequently in jail and detoxes as a result of my habit. It was becoming such a common thing. Methadone was the tool I needed to fix my broken life. It allowed me to break the chains of heroin and start a new life. Now I am back in school”.

“They saved my life. When I first walked in I was beat down. I was nothing. They took me in and saved me and treated me with respect and dignity. They are wonderful people. I love all of them”.

“After going through years of unsuccessful inpatient detoxes, I have found something that works for me. The New Era methadone program has given my life back to me. I started the program on the 25th of September and by November I was no longer using drugs”.