Welcome to New Era Rehab!

Our Mission

New Era Rehabilitation Center is committed to helping individuals and families put their lives together. Also to provide comprehensive high quality addiction treatment services and to be a community resource for preventing, reducing and eliminating harm caused by substance abuse to the community.

NERC is a comprehensive chemical depency treatment center. We are dedicated in assisting patients with drug dependency, alcohol abuse or dependency in putting their lives back together and in becoming a successful, contributing part of the community.

“We Care”
…families coming back together, spending holidays together, having a place to call home. Many things that were lost to addiction have been found again.

We are involved in
• Methadone maintenance treatment
• Suboxone treatment
• Long term ambulatory methadone detoxification
• Counseling services for patients
• Medical care
• Family and vocational services

• We are available for referrals
• We accept most medical insurance and private pay
• Very important, NO WAITING LIST!

Our experience has been positive. We have seen many lives and families changed for the better. Families coming back together, spending holidays together, having a place to call home. Many of these things that were lost to addiction and disease have been found again.

Now Serving Inpatient Facilities Across the Country

We are proud to announce that we now have the ability to place clients to multiple rehab facilities throughout the United States through our partnership network. This will greatly benefit our patients because counselors will now be able to assist them in finding the perfect treatment facility to fit their particular needs. It will also allow us to srve a greater number of addicts because we can place them nation wide.

We’ve included a brief write up below highlighting one of our best partnerships, allowing us to serve the entire state of Ohio:

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Ohio

If you have a drug problem, going to rehab is the best way to get clean. You’ll need to make sure you’re ready to kick the habit. Some people don’t feel like they’re ready to receive help while others are tired of living in despair and are ready to seek help for the addictions they’re suffering from. A stay at a drug rehab in the Ohio area is something to consider if you want to talk about your addiction and learn to overcome it.

Inpatient Treatment near Columbus

One thing you need to know is that drug addiction impacts everyone in the family. While you may be the one who is addicted to the drugs, your loved ones are the people who are trying to be there for you while watching you make these negative decisions that are having such a negative impact on your life. No one wants to see you suffer, but you may not want to take advice from your family, especially if they haven’t been as supportive as they could’ve been in the past.

Inpatient Detox in Cleveland

By going to rehab in Ohio, you can get away and start working on yourself. The family members who love and support you can do so from a distance while you’re receiving all the support you could possibly need from the staff members who work at the rehab facility. They’ll take good care of you and will work hard to make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to get completely clean. It’s a process that takes time, lots of effort, and some serious motivation, but you can kick the habit.

Residential Drug Treatment near Cincinnati

The rehab facility in Ohio is a great place to get clean. The detoxing process will occur before anything else. Some people are afraid of detoxing because they’ve heard stories about withdrawal symptoms and how those symptoms could make them feel. However, you should never let the stories of others get in the way of you doing what you need to do to get clean. Detoxing isn’t easy, but it’s something you can do and will need to do if you want to live a sober life.

Long Term Drug Treatment Toledo Ohio

While detoxing services are provided to all clients, other programs are available. The purpose of these different programs is to help clients discuss their addictions, talk about trauma they’ve endured throughout their lives, and learn to love themselves again while gaining a whole new sense of confidence. You can participate in as many programs as you want to because it’s all about taking the right steps to improving your life.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Akron

It’s not too late to make a change that will save your life. If you’re dealing with an addiction and you know it’s taking it’s toll on you, now is the right time to check into a drug rehab center in Ohio. You’ll be treated with respect and dignity while you’re there to work on yourself and ultimately beat the addiction to drugs.

Also, feel free to connect with our Ohio Treatment Partners through their social media: